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We have a selection of courses availabe to make you a better pilot and develop your essential skills required to fast track your career.

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Every great journey begins with a single us and if the journey is for you, we'll be your guide.

We want to provide you with the best possible advice and training to really make a difference in your career. Therefore, we will give you a free consultation to ensure that we understand exactly which phase you are at and what your circumstances are. That way, we can provide you with the exact advice and assistance that you require.

We will then introduce you to relevant instructors and then you will have the choice of which instructor you would like to meet with.

Make your booking and we'll meet 15 mins early to introduce ourselves and then we'll begin. 

Before we conclude our meeting, we'll have a brief summary of what was discussed and following the meeting we will send any additional documentation required to help you put your plan in to force.

You're opinion and your feedback allows us to continually improve, so you will also recieve a feedback form which we would be very grateful for you to complete if you have time.

We are here when you need us and we'd very much like to help you get into the sky where you belong.

Safe flying,

Karl Hemingway-Thompson

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